Get Social. Get with the Herd. And Let’s Talk Dairy Research Shop!

Get Social. Get with the Herd.  And Let’s Talk Dairy Research Shop!

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By David Wiens,
DFC Board Member of the Cluster Research Committees

Welcome to our Dairy Research Blog. We’re pleased to offer this new blog to have a conversation with our dairy community (our herd!) on the research we finance in production, genetics and genomics, and human nutrition and health. It’s our place to talk Dairy Research Shop!


Unknown-1.jpegHere we’ll talk about the progress made from 23 new research activities launched on January 1st 2014. Most of the projects end in December 2017 and they’re all financed under this second Dairy Research Cluster funding partnership. (see the article entitle Driving Innovation in Dairy for more information). We’ll also post recent articles and extension information published thanks to the great work done by our science community in the first Cluster (48 projects completed from 2010-2013!). Our infographic on the situation of Canadian milk’s footprint is a great example.

We’ll feature some guest bloggers too so you can meet the scientists doing the research and the many students that support them. We’ll post pictures and videos of research results and extension articles we publish in your favourite magazines. Or, point out new posts made in our Dairy Research Portal website. It has a fresh new look that will give us more research information to chew on. While you’re connecting with us on our Blog, don’t forget to sign up and join the other members of our herd on Twitter and Facebook. Here too we’ll be talking Dairy Research Shop and sharing information that can help you on your farm.

Take a look around the site. Sign up to receive regular updates and join us, get social and get with the online herd!

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