Mastitis Prevention Workshop Kicks off Week at the Western Canadian Dairy Seminar

Mastitis Prevention Workshop Kicks off Week at the Western Canadian Dairy Seminar

The Dairy Research Cluster is the proud sponsor of a dairy producer workshop called, “Mastitis pathogens and prevention” delivered at the Western Canadian Dairy Seminar on March 11, 2014 in Red Deer, Alberta.

Leading experts Dr. Herman Barkema of the University of Calgary, Dr. Jean-Philippe Roy of the University of Montreal and Dr. Ruth Zadoks of the University of Glasgow will facilitate the session and take a practical approach to dairy cattle health, mastitis control and talk about the influences on udder health. The National Mastitis Council’s 10-Point Mastitis control plan will be featured. This plan is a checklist farmers can use to adopt best practices for dairy cattle health and mastitis prevention. The researchers will also talk about prevention of mastitis in heifers and deliver a case study to review mastitis control.

The Workshop is very timely considering that Drs. Barkema and Roy are both leading new research projects of the Dairy Research Cluster that aim to reduce the use of antibiotics on the farm, curb the onset of antibiotic resistance and cut on farm costs. Under the research activities carried out by the Canadian Bovine Mastitis and Milk Quality Research Network, Dr. Barkema’s team will be carrying out work to assess the impact of on-farm management practices on the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and Dr. Roy’s team will be working on a tool to enable dairy farmers to quickly identify bacteria that causes mastitis and selectively treat only those quarters that are infected (during the dry period). (see article on new research launced under the Mastitis Network).

This is the 32nd edition of the Western Canadian Dairy Seminar and the event attracts an average of about 700 dairy farmers and industry representatives from western Canada.

The Dairy Research Cluster will have an exhibit set up to feature its new social media tools and register dairy farmers to receive dairy research updates through its new blog. Stop by and visit us, join the conversation and let’s talk Dairy Research!



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