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Nutrition Research– by Maria Kalergis, PhD, RD, CDE
National Program Manager, Nutrition Scientific Affairs Dairy Farmers of Canada

With seven new projects underway and 33 completed in the first Dairy Research Cluster, a lot of information is being transferred to health professionals on the benefits of dairy products in the Canadian diet.

The new research activities were launched on January 1st 2014. The objectives are to better understand the link between dairy foods, nutrition, health and wellness in order to improve the health of Canadians, reduce health care costs and to contribute to the economic development of the dairy sector. Obesity, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis continue to be global health burdens that are associated with substantial health care costs thus need to be urgently addressed. Emerging scientific evidence indicates a beneficial role for milk products in reducing the risk of these conditions as well as associated health care costs. 

Seven Projects to Benefit the Health of Canadians

  1. The following is a list of the new projects launched under the Dairy Research Cluster (2013-2018)
  2. Integrated research program on dairy, dairy fat and cardiovascular health
  3. The effect of milk products and novel milk products on satiety, food intake and metabolic control (glycemia) in early and late adulthood
  4. Dairy nutrition and risk of diabetes in vulnerable populations: a novel biomarkers-based approach
  5. Beneficial effects of milk and fermented dairy products on intestinal and adipose tissue inflammation, and obesity-linked cardiometabolic diseases
  6. Association between dietary intakes and cardiovascular risk of Canadians using the Canadian Health Measures Survey cycles 1+2
  7. Role of high dairy diet on bone health outcomes in pregnant women and their offspring in early life (Bone BHIP): A randomized clinical trial
  8. FAMILY (FAmily MILk product two Year) dose-response study to enhance bone health

Nutrition Research Results and Knowledge Transfer

Dairy Farmers of Canada’s nutrition team is hosting a nutrition symposium in four cities across Canada. This year’s theme is focused on dietary guidelines and will address hot topics such as fat, sugar and salt in the diet, by examining the scientific evidence to date and the implications on dietary guidelines in Canada and throughout the world. 

The symposium will be held in:

  • Vancouver on November 17
  • Toronto on November 19 (live webcast in English)
  • Montreal on November 20 (live webcast in French)
  • Moncton on November 21

Live webcasts will be available on for those who cannot attend in person. Complete information (including registration forms) will be available on the website in October.

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