“Today’s choices for tomorrow’s challenges” The 38th Edition of the Dairy Cattle Symposium keeps delivering new knowledge to farmers

“Today’s choices for tomorrow’s challenges” The 38th Edition of the Dairy Cattle Symposium keeps delivering new knowledge to farmers

For a third year, the Dairy Research Cluster will be a proud participant and sponsor of the Dairy Cattle Symposium in Quebec (Symposium sur les bovins laitiers) on November 5th in Saint-Hyacinthe. The Cluster is sponsoring the poster session scheduled for noon and 4 pm, which will feature seven research posters, including an overview of two projects funded by partners in the Dairy Cluster (hoof health and animal comfort) and Dairy Farmers of Canada funded research under the NSERC Industrial Research Chair on Milk Components (dairyresearch.ca).

Quebec’s Dairy Cattle Symposium typically attracts more than 700 dairy producers and industry representatives from across the province and many others connect online through webinar access.  For almost 40 years, the Symposium has provided an opportunity for researchers from Quebec and across Canada to transfer their findings to farmers and provide insights on developments and new practices for a range of critical on-farm issues.

Dr. Réjean Bouchard, Assistant Director of Dairy Production at Dairy Farmers of Canada and Manager of the Dairy Research Cluster was a member of the original group that created the Symposium in 1976 under the Conseil des productions animales du Québec (CPAQ) (today it is the Centre de référence en agriculture et agroalimentaire du Québec (CRAAQ)). He presided over the birth of the Symposium in 1976 and remained its president until 1979. “There was a wealth of dairy research knowledge in the province and we wanted to ensure that this new knowledge was getting into the dairy farmers’ hands in an effective way. We believed that the Symposium would be an ideal platform to bring researchers and farmers together to discuss farm issues, research questions and solutions,” said Dr. Bouchard.

This year’s lineup promises to deliver yet again another exciting program for farmers. Presentations will be made on farm transfers, responsible antibiotic use, efficient use of protein in feed, the latest on forage research, an introduction to epigenetics, the importance of developing a 5-year business plan, dairy cattle longevity and cow comfort. For a copy of the program, visit: https://www.craaq.qc.ca/Evenements-du-CRAAQ/symposium-sur-les-bovins-laitiers-2014/e/1980#tab_tab-programme

“After 38 years, the Symposium is still very well attended by farmers. I think we can say that the objectives we set out to achieve when we created the event are still being met!” concluded Dr. Bouchard.

Visit our Dairy Research Cluster sponsored poster session at noon and 4 pm on November 5th and see for yourself how scientists are innovating in dairy!

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Poster Session

(Posters in French only on location)


Hoof Health:  A step in the right direction!

Presenter: André Desrochers
Authors: F. Miglior, F. Schenkel, D. Kelton, D. Weary, D. Lefebvre

Setting the bar high for more comfortable stalls

Presenter: Véronique Bouffard
Auhors: V. Bouffard, A.M. de Passillé, J. Rushen, E. Vasseur, C. Nash, D.B. Haley and D. Pellerin

Dietary differences in cations-anions and the bufferfat content of milk

Presenter: Liliana Fadul-Pacheco
Authors: L. Fadul-Pacheco, D. Pellerin, P.Y. Chouinard and É. Charbonneau

The effect of the use of extracted linseed in rations of Quebec dairy farms

Presenter: Amélie Beauregard
Authors: A. Beauregard, M.P. Dallaire, Y. Chouinard

Modulating the fat content of milk by changing the fatty acid pofile of the ration

Presenter: Hanen Mannai
Authors: H. Mannai, P.Y. Chouinard, L. Fadul-Pacheco, D. Pellerin and É. Charbonneau

Impact of postpartum endometritis on subsequent reproduction in dairy cows

Presenter: J.D. Robichaud
Authors: J.D. Robichaud and J. Dubuc

Distribution of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in the environment of dairy herds in Quebec

Authors: J.C. Arango, G. Côté, J. Paré, O. Labrecque, J.P. Roy, S. Buczinski, E. Doré, J.H. Fairbrother, N. Bissonnette, V. Wellemans, G. Fecteau

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