It’s Time to Have Your Say in Canadian Dairy Research!

  • Have you had your say in setting Canadian Dairy Research priorities for the future?
  • Do you have a question or an on-farm issue that you want solved by dairy research?
  • It’s time to Have Your Say in Canadian Dairy Research online at

The Dairy Research Cluster is seeking dairy farmers’ input on the future of dairy research priorities in its online survey titled, Have Your Say in Canadian Dairy Research. The survey will be open to the end of 2015. All questions submitted by dairy farmers, scientists and dairy stakeholders will be compiled and categorized for Dairy Farmers of Canada to help set dairy research priorities for the future.

Questions submitted by dairy farmers that fall under subject areas that are currently being researched will be sent to our network of scientific experts for an answer. These answers will be shared with farmers using our communications and knowledge transfer tools and networks.

What some farmers are saying now…

« We don’t have near enough research being done on growing our markets. » Dairy farmer, Ontario.

I want « Digital dermatitis treatment protocols, Johne’s test extension cooperation between provinces. » Dairy farmer, Alberta

« I want more research on eco-efficient production of energy on dairy farms » Dairy farmer, Quebec.

« How can hoof trimmers that collect and evaluate lameness correlate/interface their data into Dairy Comp for useful and easy to manage results for dairy producers/veterinarians/nutritionists. These results would not only help get a more complete picture of a complex devastating disease but establish some action plans for solving a serious animal welfare issue. The industry needs a team approach for lameness conditions. » Dairy farmer, Ontario.

Do you agree? Do you have other ideas? Have your say now:

On the web:
By Mobile: Text 76000 and in the message box, write the word Innovation. The link to the survey page will be sent to you on your mobile phone.

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