National Dairy Study NAHMAS North or Herding Cats?

By Dr. David Kelton, University of Guelph
Dairy Research Cluster (2013-2018) Principal Investigator: A national dairy cattle health and management benchmarking study.

A team led by Dr. David Kelton at the University of Guelph will undertake a national health and herd management study of dairy cattle on dairy farms across Canada. The study will be similar to the National Animal Health Monitoring Study (NAHMS) conducted every seven years in the United States, and will have parts that are identical in focus and methodology to the upcoming US dairy study. This Canadian study, the first of its kind, will produce nationally relevant prevalence estimates of important diseases of dairy cattle, identify regional/provincial differences in the density of these diseases, measure the economic impact of these diseases, detail management practices on these farms that 2 will help to identify important causes of these diseases, provide accurate descriptive information that can be used to compare Canadian dairy herds to those in the USA and elsewhere in the world, and produce health and productivity benchmarks against which progress made by many of the Dairy Research Cluster 2 funded activities could be measured.

Project summary link.

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