Additional $1.75 million in new projects for Dairy Research Cluster


Last February 4, 2016, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Lawrence MacAulay announced a government investment of an additional $1.75 million in four new projects in the Dairy Research Cluster. The total Dairy Research Cluster funding is now valued at $20.5 million with 27 projects underway to the end of December 2017.

New project in sustainable milk production:

  1. Increasing the energy of Canadian forages fed to high producing dairy cows, led by scientist, Dr. Annie Claessens of AAFC Quebec. Project Summary

New projects in human nutrition and health:

  1. Nutritional synergy between dairy products and other food nutrients, led by scientist, Dr. Michel Britten, AAFC Saint-Hyacinthe. Project Summary
  1. Concentration of biogenic amines in different Canadian cheeses and effect of salt concentration on the type of biogenic amines produced in cheeses, led by scientist, Daniel St-Gelais, AAFC Saint-Hyacinthe. Project Summary 
  1. Milk and dairy products, outstanding sources of vitamin B12 : a farm to fork approach led by scientist , Dr. Christian Girard, AAFC Sherbrooke.  Project Summary

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