Cow comfort webinars : Online transfer of best practices appreciated by farmers

FromUnknown-1 February 23 to April 6 2016, Dairy Farmers of Canada and Valacta presented a series of 3 webinars on the cow comfort in the barn. The webinars were delivered in english and french to dairy farmers from across the country. A total of 6 presentations were given and 288 dairy farmers took part in the live webinars to hear from experts Steve Adam (Valacta), Dr. Trevor DeVries (U of Guelph) and Julie Baillargeon (Valacta) discuss on-farm issues and solutions.

The recorded webinars and associated documents can be viewed on We observed that 2,641 people have been visiting the pages to get information on the topic. We’ve also observed that people from 26 countries visited the site to see the documents and recordings online. Animal comfort is taken to heart by ALL dairy farmers!

The webinars had the objectives of inciting dairy farmers to adopt best practices for the comfort of their animals, developed on the basis of research supported in the Dairy Research Cluster. The statistics and feedback received demonstrated that farmers appreciated the webinars and that the dynamic format and approach used to transfer knowledge in these webinars will be replicated in the future.

To view the recordings or access the cow comfort guide, visit


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