Symposium 2016 – Nutrition and Health

Symposium 2016 – Nutrition and Health

The theme “Making Sense of Dietary Patterns” aims to look at how we eat and the various ways that we eat. Nutrition experts know that it is impossible to isolate the effects of individual foods and nutrients on health and disease prevention. Rather, it is the totality of one’s diet (combinations and quantities) that has synergistic and cumulative effects over time. Simply put, overall dietary patterns are a key determinant of lifelong health.


  • Making sense of trendy diets and superfoods
  • Saturated fat and cardiovascular disease: Then and now
  • Dairy and cardiometabolic health
  • The DASH Diet: A model for healthy eating

Live webcasts will be available on our website for those who cannot attend in person.

English webcast (broadcasted from Toronto) – November 8
French webcast (broadcasted from Montreal) – November 9

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