Dairy research in the spotlight at the 2017 Western Canadian Dairy Seminar

The Dairy Research Cluster sponsored this year’s student presentations at the Western Canadian Dairy Seminar in March. Over 900 people, including dairy farmers, researchers, students and stakeholders attended the Seminar in Red Deer, Alberta from March 8-10, 2017. Visits at the dairy research booth were high and the DFC “squeeze cow” giveaway was a popular item with our visitors!

 WCDS Student Presentation Competition Results 

On March 9th, five graduate students presented their research findings in a special session at the Seminar. A panel of judges selected the best presentations as follows. To access a copy of the student’s abstract, click on the link provided. (NOTE: Abstracts are available in English only).

1st Place: Amanda Fischer, University of Alberta Effect of Delaying Colostrum Feeding on Passive Transfer and Intestinal Bacterial Colonization in Neonatal Male Holstein Calves

2nd Place: Meagan King, University of Guelph – Fresh Cow Illness Detection Using Milk and Rumination Data in Robotic Milking Systems

3rd Place: Tony Bruinje, University of Alberta – Milk Progesterone Profiles Before and After AI and Their Association with Pregnancy and Pregnancy Loss in Alberta Dairy Farms

Runner Up: Augusto Madureira, University of British Columbia –  Early Post-Partum Physical Activity and Estrus Expression and their Associations with Fertility and Ovulation Rate in Lactating Dairy Cows

Runner Up: Katarzyna Burakowska, University of Saskatchewan – Use of Canola Meal and Micro-Encapsulated Sodium Butyrate in Starter Feed for Dairy Calves

Students’ posters showcase extent of scientific knowledge in dairy 

Listed below are a selection of student posters from the Universities of British Columbia and Calgary, that received financial support from DFC investments in research. A complete copy of the WCDS proceedings will be available online soon and include all student poster abstracts.

Dairy Cattle Health


Celebrating women in dairy science on International Woman’s Day at the WCDS

The Dairy Research team tweeted photos of some of the many women working in dairy science in Canada to celebrate International Women’s Day at the WCDS on March 8th. It was a pleasure talking to many women studying and working in the areas of animal welfare, reproduction, infectious diseases, and mastitis to advance Canadian dairy knowledge and innovation!


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