It’s time to have your say in Canadian dairy research: Answer DFC’s survey to help guide strategic research priorities for the future

Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) invites dairy farmers, dairy researchers and students, as well as sector stakeholders to complete an online survey about future priorities for Canadian dairy research. The answers will help identify research priorities to update the National Dairy Research Strategy, which will be used to guide investments in science over the next five years. DFC’s first National Dairy Research Strategy was published in 2016.

Your participation in the survey is vital to growth and innovation in the sector. DFC invests about $2 million annually in dairy production, and human nutrition and health research. This amount is leveraged to increase investments in research to approximately $8 million annually through matching funding programs and partnership contributions.

The survey is accessible from April 1 – 23, 2021. It takes about 15 minutes to complete. The answers will be kept confidential and will be amalgamated. Individuals will have the option to leave their name and email to enter a draw for the following participation prizes: a $200 gift certificate from Lactanet and three $50 gift certificates from DFC’s Blue Cow Shop.

Please share the survey link widely and encourage your dairy colleagues to have their say too!

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