Canadian Dairy Farmers Have their Say in Dairy Research

Dairy farmers of Canada has initiated the process to update the National Dairy Research Strategy to guide investments in science over the next five years. The process, under the oversight of the Canadian Dairy Research Council, involves an online survey developed for broad consultation on research topics and facilitated focus groups with technical and scientific experts to determine key research orientations for each of the priorities identified from the survey results.

The survey, targeting Canadian dairy farmers, industry stakeholders as well as the scientific and professional communities, was online from April 1 to 23.  The questions covered the following research priority areas: Farm Environmental Sustainability, Farm Productivity, Dairy Genetics, Animal Care and Welfare, Milk and Dairy Products and, Dairy Consumption and Health Attributes, as well questions about knowledge transfer of research results. There were 1,056 respondents from all the provinces; 58% were dairy farmers, 11% researchers and students; and 13% health professionals. DFC wishes to thank all respondents for their participation!

The following graphs represent the demographics of survey respondents.

DFC’s new National Dairy Research Strategy should be released in October and will be the basis of the next Dairy Research Cluster call for proposals to be launched by the end of 2021.

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