NEW Dairy Research Hub Launched on

A new Dairy Research hub was launched on Dairy Farmers of Canada’s (DFC) website at: The site contains key information on DFC research investments, governance, My Dairy Research Student Competition and research partners. As a part of the DFC corporate site, the new look and feel of the research content enables easier navigation, a better user experience on all devices and enables quick and easy page sharing across social media platforms.

Video on DFC research investments and impacts

Watch the video featuring DFC’s investments and impacts in Canadian dairy research by clicking on the following link:

What’s Next?

Over the next five months, DFC’s research program and funding information for dairy production and human nutrition and health research will be transferred from the site and and housed in the DFC Dairy Research Hub. Watch for updates including the call for research proposals for the Dairy Research Cluster 4 set for the Fall of 2021.

DFC’s New Dairy Research Newsletter 

Dairy researchers, students and stakeholders will soon be invited to sign up for the new Dairy Research newsletter.  The newsletter will contain announcements and updates on calls for research funding proposals along with other pertinent research program news. 

Effective September 2021, the process of migrating content from the and will be completed. The link will remain as a live URL to re-direct users to the new Hub that houses DFC dairy research content. Both and the will be progressively shut down. 

By late 2021, content developed by DFC and its partners for the purpose of delivering knowledge translation and transfer materials will be housed in Lactanet’s new website at  DFC is partnering with Lactanet to include DFC-branded materials on their website. Content like extension articles and factsheets currently found on the Dairy Research Blog and will be migrated gradually to the website. This new DFC-Lactanet partnership in KTT content delivery will optimize dairy farmers’ search and access to a combination of tools and materials online in one national location. 

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