*FINAL EDITION* of the DairyResearchBlog.ca

After seven years and 185 published articles in English and French, today’s posts are part of the final edition of the DairyResearchBlog.ca. Effective August 1st, 2021, the Blog will be progressively shut down. The URL for the blog will remain live until the process of migrating content from the blog to the knowledge transfer section of Lactanet’s website at lactanet.ca is complete (Fall 2021). Recall that DFC is partnering with Lactanet to include DFC KTT materials on the Lactanet website. Content like extension articles and factsheets currently found on the DairyResearchBlog.ca and DairyResearch.ca sites is being transferred over in the context of a new DFC-Lactanet partnership in KTT content delivery that will optimize dairy farmers’ search and access to a combination of tools and materials online in one national, central location. To subscribe to Lactanet’s monthly newsletter, click here:  Dairy Knowledge at Your Fingertips.

The link DairyResearch.ca will remain live to re-direct users to Dairy Farmers of Canada’s NEW Dairy Research Hub that houses DFC research content, such as governance, research programs, strategies, partners, etc. The DairyResearch.ca site will also be progressively shut down by the end of 2021. We invite the scientific community to subscribe to Dairy Farmers of Canada’s new Dairy Research newsletter that will be published quarterly and contain announcements and updates on calls for research funding proposals along with other pertinent research program news. Click here to subscribe: Dairy Research Newsletter.

We wish to thank all our readers and subscribers for following the blog and providing comments and feedback over the years! 

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